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Life's Padded Room

Bounce Off the Walls, It Won't Hurt...

The All-American Wolf
24 December 1980
So, I guess it's time to change this around, isn't it.

Long and short of things, hey there, my name's Matt, though most of you will undoubtedly know me as a white wolf by the name of RJ, a big buff anthro wolf with long red hair and a cross over his heart, plus a penchant for a lack of a shirt and wearing tight blue jeans, jean shorts, leather pants, along with a tight shirt, tank top, or any other things like that. Yes, well, we see the trend here don't we. I'm also known as Richter, RJ's brown racoony double, Bobby the overalls-clad otter, or Greyswift, the Tauren veteran of the Horde.

Simple details are like this. I drive Asian and European cars, I have a passing interest in things like computers and such, I own an iPod, I hang out on Second Life, I listen to most forms of electronic music, along with rock/metal, even different types of melodic music, with my music gods comprising of BT. Paul Oakenfold, the label Moonshine, Tek-Fox, The Crystal Method, Fear Factory, Spineshank, Nobuo Uematsu, Robert Miles, Keoki, Orbital, Audioslave, and many others. I also happen to read Japanese Manga, especially Initial D and Suikoden III, have an anime interest in Initial D and Trigun among others, have the full collection of Cowboy Bebop, Wolf's Rain, FLCL, Abenobashi(thanks Chris for those three!), and a few others... it's all a matter of time, money, and downloading speeds. Hee. Anyway, I have my game interests too. DDR and ITG, Diablo 2, the afformentioned SL, Burnout 3, Gran Turismo 4, soon to surely get into an MMO of some type, most likely WoW...

Are you bored yet? o.O Weirdo.

Being a Capricorn is love.

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User Number: 460940
Date Created:2002-02-06
Number of Posts: 2550+!

RJ is a white wolf, musclebound, gentle, caring, has a big heart to match his big muzzle and long red hair. He bears a cross on his left pec, over his heart, symbolizing his faith in Christianity, and he also wears a choker around his neck and a dragon charm he calls "Bronzewings".
Strengths: Open-minded, empathic, loyal, encouraging, humble, considerate, loving, understanding, generous, optimistic has a true heart of gold. Gives great hugs, and doesn't mind a good cuddle here and there.
Weaknesses: Overly emotional, stubborn, sensitive, a tad manic. Muscles, footpaws, cute things, chocolate, Gunbound, gaming, geekery... oh yeah, BT too.
Special Skills: Teleportation, healing magic, high-tolerance for chattiness, infectious grins, flirting, charming, teasing, tickles...
Weapons: Fists, Hammer of Justice, feet, stubbornness, bodychecks, bear hugs, and BIG BLUE EYES!
Bad Habits: He tends to worry too much, has anxiety problems which can make him shy or scatterbrained, and he can ramble a lot without meaning to. Laziness, and being un-punctual. Procrastination.

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